Application Portfolio

The application development and maintenance division represents the most significant service offered by Hadiamondstar Software Solutions to its clients. We assist our clients in developing advanced applications with the use of structured development methodologies including Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools.

HADIAMONDSTARS Technologies system development group consists of professionals who can be contracted to our clients on an hourly basis, who work at the client site with employees of the client company as well as other vendor companies, and assist in performing application development and maintenance.

The large number of quality professionals employed by HADIAMONDSTARS Technologies allows us to deploy entire team of professionals to the client site in order to assist with analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of applications using state of the art technologies.

Whatever shape our solution takes, we take pride in the fact that we execute these supply chain solutions with world class operational standards and an intense focus on client satisfaction.

Throughout the entire supply chain, there are technologies in place that allow its partners to maintain real-time contact to ensure speed of information exchange. After evaluating your in-house infrastructure, HADIAMONDSTAR IT staff will develop custom interfaces or utilize current interfaces to allow real-time information exchange between HADIAMONDSTARS and your company’s systems. The same production flow and inventory information will also be used, if required, to notify any vendors of your production requirements to ensure an uninterrupted flow of product to your factory floor. Working with us, optimization of your value chain is realized through:

  • Accuracy and timeliness
  • Accessibility
  • Configurability
  • Cost Reductions
  • Increased Margins
  • Maximum success potential for your product