Life At Hadiamondstar

Hadiamondstar Software Solutions LLC Technologies is an information technology (IT) Services Company that specializes in developing innovative software applications in scientific and high-technology settings. We provide our services to leading companies in the Citi, Lydian Wealth Management, IBM, VERIZON, MICROSOFT, Merrilynch. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and on being a premier employer for topnotch technical and business professionals. HADIAMONDSTAR is a privately held global enterprise software and professional services provider. HADIAMONDSTAR partners with its clients to improve productivity and significantly enhance performance through the intelligent use of Technology. At HADIAMONDSTAR we define your requirements, improve the process and guide with the best in Industry.

In each of the industries we serve, the timely and effective flow of information drives the success of the business. Our industry experience, built through years of developing systems for critical business applications, enables us to quickly and effectively understand that flow of information and how technology can help you improve it.

As members of the local business community, we look forward to having you join the thousands of area businesses that have become part of our family. Our mission is to provide our clients with leading edge office equipment technology, software solutions and unparalleled service support. We are committed to being an integral part of your future vision and promise to meet your needs by exceeding your expectations.